Answered By: Kate Wimer
Last Updated: Feb 18, 2016     Views: 872

I understand that if I get an error message accessing library databases, that I may have to clear my browser's cache and cookies to restore access.  How do I do that?

For IE, Firefox, and Chrome, there is a shortcut to clear cache.  While in the browser, hold down the shift, control, and delete keys at the same time, and a window will pop up:

Clearing cache and cookies in IE:

Image of box to clear cache and cookies in Internet Explorer


Clear cache and cookies in Firefox:

Image of the box to clear cache and cookies in Firefox


Clear cache and cookies in Chrome (be sure to select "from the beginning of time" from the drop-down menu!):

Image of the box to clear cache and cookies in Chrome

To clear cache and cookies in Safari, follow the instructions on this page.

After you have cleared cache and cookies, close down your browser completely and then reopen it.  If the problem is not resolved, please email us, let us know which database or article you are trying to access, what the error message says, which browser you are using, and which version of the browser.