Answered By: Christopher C. Brown
Last Updated: Jan 03, 2017     Views: 20

Here are the steps to export to EndNote from within Compass.

1. Select the records you wish to export by clicking the star (making it yellow) to the left of the records.

2. Click the e-shelf link in the upper right corner of the Compass page.

3. Select the records you wish to export. The check box at the top of the list selects all records.

4. From the pull-down menu on the right, select "Push to RISPushto". This seems counter-intuitive, since there is already a selection that says "Push to EndNote." But Push to EndNote pushes to the Web version of EndNote. What I have (and I assume you have) is the client version of EndNote installed locally on your computer. RIS is an interchange format that automatically invokes the EndNote application (at least it works that way on my computer.

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